Vida: Ademar lo Negre

      N'Aimars lo Negres si fo del Castelveill d'Albi.

  • en, n', ·n - "sir," often with elision as here
  • Aimars lo Negres - "Aimar the Black"
  • si - "thus" often introduces verbs at the beginning of a vidas with no appreciable change in meaning from the simple verb
  • fo(n) - 3rd. singular. preterit of eser; "was"
  • del = de lo "of the, from the"
  • Castelveill d'Albi - modern Château-Vieux

Cortes hom fo e gen parlanz.

  • cortés "polite, courtly"
  • (h)om, lo "man"
  • fo - 3rd. singular. preterit of eser; "he was"
  • e (et before vowels) "and"
  • gén "nicely, well"
  • parlar "speak;" here masculine singular present participle;

    Take gen parlanz as "eloquent."

E fo ben onratz entre la bona gen,

  • be(n) "well; indeed, quite"
  • onrar "to honor, show respect for;" here a masc.sing. past participle; with fo "was honored"
  • éntre "among; between"
  • bon "good;" here
  • géns, la "people"

per lo rei Peire d'Aragon e per lo comte Raimon de Tolosa

  • per "through, throughout, along; over; because of, by means of; by"
  • rei, lo "king"
  • Peire d'Aragon, Peter II of Aragon (1196-1213)
  • coms, lo ( comte) "count"
  • Raimon VI of Toulouse (1194-1222) - excommunicated during the Albigensian Crusade, and had his estate taken from him at the Latran Council (1215)
  • Tolosa modern Toulouse

que·ill donet masons e terras a Tolosa.

  • que "who," relative pronoun
  • ·ill = li 3rd person singular pronoun, "to him"
  • donar "to give, grant" here preterit
  • ma(i)son, la (obl. mason; pl. masons) "house"
  • terra, la "land"
  • a "to; at; by; in"

E fez cansos tals com saup faire.

  • faire "to do, make;" here fe(t)z preterit "he made"
  • cansó(n), la "song;" here oblique plural
  • tals ... com "such as"
  • sabér "to know; to learn;" here saup preterit

Adapted from Biographies des Troubadors, page 1.

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