Conlangs: Constructed Languages

I sometimes invent languages.

Professional Language Work
Personal Language Projects

A few get pretty large, but most of the time I pop off a quick sketch to see how some idea might work out.

I also keep a blog for random thinking about language construction, Acta Lingweenie. (Also an inactive tumblr of the same name, Acta Lingweenie.) And Twitter. And Mastodon.

My Digital LCC (March 2021) talk and support material

A tool for those working on their dictionaries, a Conlanger's Thesaurus. I've been working on some code to generate semantic maps for this on my own, Cross-Linguistic Semantic Maps.

The Hypomnemata Glossopoetica is a very terse collection of notes I've made over the years of things I want to consider when I start a new language. It's mostly typological and lexical. Some of it will be opaque to anyone but me, but I'm sharing it in the hope others will find it of use.

Another tool: Using a Diary as Conlang Creation Tool.

Like so many conlangers who also know a little about writing software, I have written my own word generation tool, Lexifer. Known to work under Linux, OSX, and Windows with a little terminal encoding tinkering.

Some notes on Afrihili, a pan-African auxlang.

The Conlangery Podcast, where I can be heard holding forth with other conlangers.

Local References

A table of Gusein-Zade phoneme rank frequencies.

Some web-based linguistics tools I find useful.

Links on conceptual metaphor.

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