Conlangs: Constructed Languages

I sometimes invent languages. A few get pretty large in size, but most of the time I pop off a quick sketch to see how some idea might work out. The larger ones:

I also keep a blog for random thinking about language construction, Acta Lingweenie. Also a tumblr of the same name, Acta Lingweenie.

A tool for those working on their dictionaries, a Conlanger's Thesaurus. I've been working on some code to generate semantic maps for this on my own, Cross-Linguistic Semantic Maps.

Like so many conlangers who also know a little about writing software, I have written my own word generation tool, Lexifer. Known to work under Linux, OSX, and Windows with a little terminal encoding tinkering.

Some notes on Afrihili, a pan-African auxlang.

The Conlangery Podcast, where I can be heard holding forth with other conlangers.

For information about my language creation consulting, see Xeno·

Local References

A table of Gusein-Zade phoneme rank frequencies.

Some web-based linguistics tools I find useful.

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