Grapheion is a tool for evolving collections of symbols.

This is beta software. A linear version of this software now exists (2020).

Select a preferred individual + to pass on its traits to the next generation. An elite individual will remain in each new population until you decide it is no longer elite. A few well-chosen elites will in time impart cohesiveness to the population; excessive use creates insipidness.

At the beginning focus on single strokes that you find suggestive, or interesting two-stroke combinations if any present themselves. It will usually take about a dozen generations before the population is clearly converging on your preferences.

If your elites have made the population tedious, hit the "Randomize Non-Selected" button at the bottom, and select some new material to work with your elites.

Create Next Generation

Create Next Generation


Nondestructive Changes

Randomize Non-Selected

Mutation rate: 5%

Destructive Changes

Reset All

Stroke Count: 3